Top 5 Job Hunting posts for 2013 is just finishing it’s first full year in existence, hard to believe it hasn’t been longer, but we didn’t start operations until February 2012. Here’s a look at the five most read posts we had in 2013. Check them out and keep coming back to see what we have to say about job hunting and career planning. And don’t forget to buy a copy of my book for the complete guide to job hunting and career planning.
John N. Frank

Top 5 Always Be Job Hunting posts of 2013hand working business

1. What is Glassdoor on Facebook and Should You Try It?

Apparently I hit on a hot topic with Glassdoor as it was just starting to get some traction in the job hunting world. My observations about it now are that it seems to be sending the same job posts over and over again in e-mail alerts and giving the impression they’re new when they’re not.

2. What Should You Know Before Job Hunting? Yourself!

You have to know who you are before you can find a suitable job. Fool yourself into thinking you’re someone you’re not and you’ll find it very difficult to land a job that suits you.

3. Why Am I Not Getting Job Interviews?

Anyone who is job hunting is asking this question again and again. The answers are many, but it can start with attitude and cover letters.

4. What Does an Effective Cover Letter Look Like?

Speaking of cover letters, everyone is looking for the magic formula here. The formula is a lot of hard work and really knowing what key words will trigger a call to you off your cover letter.

5. Where Do You Look for Job Ads?

I was beginning to agree with pundits who say job ads are useless, but then I found my latest job off a call that resulted from answering an ad, so I’m back to believing you should answer every ad, you never know where it may lead. The job I’ve gotten wasn’t the one advertised but my responding to one ad led to be being considered for an entirely different job.

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