Why Am I Not Getting Job Interviews?

Few things in the job hunting process are more frustrating than never getting called for interviews. It can seem as though you’re sending your resumes out into cyberspace, never to be seen again by human eyes.

Frustration builds on frustration and your self-esteem sinks to the point that if you do get an interview, you can’t present yourself in the best light.

Offer a firm handshake when you start an interview.

A piece in the Huffington Post addressed all this recently and had some good advice.The key bullet points:

1. Only apply for jobs you are qualified for.
2. Prepare for the interview.
3. Body language is just as important as what you say.
4. Don’t self-sabotage in the interview process.

Be sure to read the piece for more details. And don’t give up hope. My advice is that if a resume isn’t getting you interviews, change it to get people’s attention. The same goes for cover letters, customize them to each job to stand out from the massive crowd that’s out there looking.
John N. Frank

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