What Should You Know Before Job Hunting? Yourself!

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve known over the years who stay in jobs they do nothing but complain about. If you’re not happy in a job, find another one and don’t give up the search until you do. Otherwise, maybe you’re a person who simply enjoys being able to complain about your job.

It all comes down to another key Always Be Job Hunting principle: know thyself. To do that, you should:

 Be brutally honest with yourself
 Not negative, honest
 Know what rewards you need from a job:
 Money
 Fame
 Recognition, and be sure a new job offers that
 Understand why you want to change job
 Are you in danger of losing your job?
 Is the employer in financial trouble, being bought out or outsourcing?
 Are you dissatisfied?
 Are you dead-ended?
 Listen to others’ advice but own your career goals
 It’s your work, your life

Know Yourself

If you don’t go through this exercise, chances are you’ll simply move from one unhappy job to another.
John N. Frank

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