How Important is Networking? No. 1, Says One Expert

I’ve written about the importance of networking to help you Always Be Job Hunting. It’s one of the key principles I write about in my book, in fact.

So it was nice to read someone else touting it as well, and not just touting it but calling it the most important tool for job hunting.

An article in the Ogden, Utah Standard-Examiner notes that “This job search method has always been the most effective and will likely remain so into the foreseeable future. The advantage of networking includes finding jobs opportunities before they are advertised and the competition becomes extensive.”

Writer Ron Campbell goes on to advise: “1) Start your networking with friends you know and trust, and expand it from there; and 2) focus your networking on finding hiring decision-makers for companies you are targeting in your job search.”

Great advice that I echo. See other posts here for other networking tips.

The article also reflects another of my Always Be Job Hunting principles, namely know the landscape for your profession. I’m now positioning myself as a job hunting expert thanks to my 35 year experience of finding jobs in all economic situations. To do that, I’m reading more than ever about job hunting and sharing good advice I find with you.
John N. Frank

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