How Do I Build My Personal Brand?

One of the keys to successfully always be job hunting is to build your personal brand so you have the currency to buy the attention of your next employer and the ones that follow that.

Personal brand building can take different approaches, depending on whether you’re currently working or out-of-work when you start (Ideally you started from the first day of your first job).

For those employed who need to start brand building, do it by:

Here’s how to build your personal brand as I did.

* Building a wide assortment of skills from the first day you start a job
The more skills, the more attractive you are to a next employer. Don’t let
anyone label you or pigeon-hole you, show you can take on
a wide range of tasks.
* Always look ahead
* Join groups, associations and organizations that get you known
Networking is too important to leave for when you’re out of work.
Do it constantly and
do it by showing your competency in volunteer endeavors
Don’t just be glad-handing at industry events
* Always assume you’ll be out of work tomorrow
* Volunteer for pro-bono work and for assignments that no one else wants
* Join community and social organizations

The more people who know you, the more who are likely to tell you about a job.
John N. Frank

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