Why is It Important to Know The Terrain Before You Job Hunt?

Another key part of the Always Be Job Hunting philosophy is to be aware of what’s happening in your chosen profession so you have options to look at when the time comes to find a new job.

You need to know who’s growing and who’s contracting before applying for jobs. Contracting companies often are hiring too but they’re looking for much different skills than a company that’s growing, for example.

Read secrets your overlords don’t want you to know.

Always Be Job Hunting is about always having job search options and fall-back plans. Few plans work out exactly as we hope, don’t be thrown by that, have backup plans and backup options for places you’d like to work. In short, become a student of your local professional scene by knowing:

 The professional terrain
 Who’s expanding, who’s contracting
 Who has the best workplace reputation
 Who pays the highest salaries
 You pick your next job rather than passively waiting for one to come along
John N. Frank

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