When Should You Start Looking for Holiday Seasonal Work?

When should you start looking for end-of-year holiday jobs? Right now, according to a recent piece quoting the Better Business Bureau.

With so many people still unemployed or underemployed, competition is likely to be fierce, I expect, so the sooner you start and the more you know about who is likely to be hiring, the better.

“Target Corp. has said it plans to hire between 80,000 and 90,000 seasonal workers at its stores and distribution centers. Kohl’s says it will hire 52,000 holiday workers. “Major retailers’ hiring plans are welcome news for job seekers,’ said Michelle L. Corey, BBB president and CEO. ‘While holiday jobs are usually temporary, this is great news for struggling families and others who have had problems finding work,’” reports Stltoday.com

In addition to starting early, the article also advises to:

* Work where you shop.
* Put your best foot forward.
* Be flexible.

Great advice for any job hunt but especially for one in what promises to be a very tight market with lots of competitors.
John N. Frank

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