Here Are Four Ways You Can Make Yourself Look Better When People Google You

Some excellent advice here.


Most of us have been Googled by a potential employer, customer, or date.  But according to a survey by BrandYourself, 15% of us have something negative on our first page of results.  And one in four have NOTHING positive on their first page of results.

You can fix that by filling your search results with positive stuff you create, to push anything negative to page two . . . since only 6% of people bother to read past the first page.  Here’s how . . .

#1.)  Use every social network:  LinkedIn ranks highest in Google, ahead of Facebook and Twitter.  But if you have all three, it fills space on top of your search results.

#2.)  Use the sites Google likes best, such as WordPress for your personal blog.  Google ranks it higher than other blog sites.

#3.)  You should also use Vimeo instead of YouTube for videos.

#4.) …

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