How To Help Your Community: Apply For One Of These Inspiring Jobs

Communities are a great source of support and comfort for so many people. For those who are alone and don’t have much family, their local neighborhood and community is a great way to prevent feeling lonely.

As you can tell, community is a very important thing to so many people. So it would be a complete shame if anything were to happen to the one in your local neighborhood.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can help to keep the community spirit going in your local area.

One of the best ways to support your neighborhood is to work in fields that can help to support everyone. There are many different jobs that give you the chance to give something back to your neighborhood and community.

Most of these jobs are in the service sector and offer support to people. Ready to do something good and help out your local community? Then how about thinking of going into one of the following careers?



Teaching is a profession that all communities need. With a good bunch of teachers in schools, children will be able to achieve all of their educational goals and move onto their dream careers. But teaching isn’t just about teaching kids academic skills.

You will also be able to inspire them about various things. For instance, why not try to instill your passion for sport in your class? If you do decide to become a teacher, you will need to get the required postgraduate qualifications.

The most common one is a PGCE. You can apply for this at any point as long you already have an undergraduate degree. So even if you are in a different career right now, you shouldn’t find it too difficult to get onto a PGCE course and become a teacher.

Once you become a qualified teacher, you will then need to check your local council’s job website as they run the recruitment process for local schools.


Youth Club Worker

If you want to work with kids but don’t have the time or money to take a teaching course, you can always become a youth club leader.

If there is already a youth club in your local place, you can apply directly to them. If not, you can always set one up yourself. Before you do start working with children in this capacity, you will need to get a background check by the Disclosure and Barring Service.

This check was previously known as a CRB check. This is required to make sure you don’t have any previous criminal convictions related to children. If you are believed to be a harm or a risk to children, you will not be able to become a youth club

Support Workers

Another brilliant job that gives you the chance to give back to the community is to become a support worker. There are many different types of support workers, but most offer support to people who have just returned home after a long period in hospital or are suffering from a long-term illness and need help doing everyday tasks.

Most support workers work with patients directly in their homes to help them live comfortably. This also saves them from having to go into a care home. There are also other types of support workers, including those who work closely with patients who suffer from mental health issues.

There are also support workers who specialize in working with the elderly. It’s easy to find out about the various roles required from support workers; you can find out all about them by checking out websites such as


Doctors And Nurses

One of the most obvious ways you can give back to society is by becoming a doctor or a nurse. These healthcare professionals are working tirelessly every day to help people overcome diseases, injuries and illnesses. They are also continually working to try to eradicate some of the biggest life-threatening diseases that we face, including cancer, heart disease and diabetes. By becoming a doctor or a nurse, you will be helping to improve health services and to make many patients a lot more comfortable and happy. If you want to become a doctor, you will have to take a lot of training before you qualify.

Many young adults begin medical school straight after college. This generally takes between five and six years. Once they graduate from medical school, they then need to train on the job before they are fully qualified.

It is a lot simpler to become a nurse, and there is not nearly as much training involved. Most further education colleges have courses for prospective nurses, and they last no more than four years.


Charity Worker

It is also possible to get a job with a charity in your local area. There are a number of causes you might like to work with. For instance, you could work with a charity which helps the homeless, or one who works with victims of domestic abuse. By working closely with a charity, you will be able to help the most vulnerable members of society.

Don’t worry, though; not all charity work is voluntary. You will see that almost every charity has some paid positions. Usually, these ones are behind the scenes and are roles in their HR, finance, or marketing departments.

These jobs are very rewarding, as you will be helping out with a charity that can really make a big difference to your local community. You can take a look at the different jobs that are offered by charities online at

Open A Shop

Ever dreamt of working for yourself? One of the easiest ways to do just that is to open a shop. If you are selling goods that your community needs, you will be doing all of your neighbors a big favor.

How about opening a corner store? Then you can sell all the important groceries and papers that people need on a daily basis. Plus, you will get to know a lot of the people who live in the same neighborhood as you!

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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