The Best And Worst Careers Based On Job Prospects!

When looking for a career, you want to choose something that guarantees you a job. Bearing that in mind, I’ve had a look at some of the best and worst careers based on job prospects. Find out all the information you need, down below:


To start things off, we’ll look at a couple of the best careers around. Remember, I’m basing this on job prospects, and nothing else. These two careers are excellent if you want to find a job with ease:

Medical Careers

If you’re looking for a worthwhile career with great job prospects, then the medical field is for you. There are plenty of jobs that are always in high-demand. The fact is, the world needs as many healthcare professionals as possible. Hospitals and doctors surgeries are constantly looking for more staff to cope with the demand. This means that if you can gain the proper qualifications, you’re almost guaranteed a job as soon as you graduate medical school.

But, here lies the toughest obstacle in your path; training & education. I’ve spoken about jobs that don’t require a degree, and this is far from that. There are years and years of training and experience ahead of you if you consider this career. Countless tests and exams to ensure you’re the right fit for the medical school. Then, you have additional training that you can do alongside this. You can view Ear Science Institute Australia to find some examples of extra training. All of this comes together to give you the skills necessary to succeed. After you’ve done everything, and are fully trained, you’re ready for work. Most medical schools include a year or two of work placements in hospitals. So, you’ll be treating patients and getting paid a junior doctor’s fee. Combine this experience with your training and the demand for medical professionals and you have a high chance of getting a job!

Teaching Careers
Along with medical careers, teaching careers are in high demand. There are excellent job prospects for any newly qualified teachers in the country. In fact, there seems to be a high-demand for teachers all over the world. So, if you somehow don’t manage to find a job here, you can look elsewhere too. Again, teaching careers require a lot of training and education before you’re properly qualified. It’s not quite as difficult as medical training but is still a lot of hard work. You need to obtain proper teaching licenses if you want to teach legally. Most of the time, you’re required to get a teaching degree too.

Once again, similar to medical careers, a lot of teaching degrees include work placements. This gives you the perfect opportunity to gain relevant work experience in your field. Plus, there’s a high chance the employer will look to take you on when you’re fully qualified. Once you’ve been through all the training and education, you can start with your job hunting. It will soon become apparent that there’s a lot on offer for you. Schools are hiring, but there’s also the chance of doing freelance work. Many teachers become personal tutors to students during exam season. So, you see, there’s double the chances of finding work. Teachers also get large holiday allowances and are often off all summer long. It’s a great career if you’re interested in working with children and teaching them lifelong lessons.

Having seen two of the best careers for job prospects, it’s now time to look at a couple you maybe want to avoid. The following careers do not have very good job prospects, and you’ll find it hard to find a permanent job:

Art Careers
Careers in various arts may seem like fun, but they have very bad career prospects. This is because there isn’t a particular demand for artists, etc. Enjoying art is a hobby a lot of people have; it’s not an essential need like teaching and medical care. Plus, there’s very little education that goes into pursuing this career. You don’t need special qualifications; it’s more to do with talent than anything else. So, this means a lot of people like to try their hand at it. Loads of aspiring people try and get involved in art careers. As a result, there’s an awful lot of competition for very few jobs.

It’s easy to see why this career is so popular and appealing. After all, we’re told to do things we love. But, there’s just a shockingly high unemployment rate amongst aspiring artists. Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense to pursue a hobby. My advice would be to carry on doing artistic things on the side. Don’t make it a full career, as you’ll find it very hard to get permanent work. However, there’s every chance you can make some money here and there with freelance work.


Film, Video & Photography Careers

The film industry is massive; it’s one of the biggest industries on the planet. There are always production companies looking to bring people on board. Getting a college degree in this field can be a very good idea. There’s potential to find a good job, and make a healthy living with a career like this. But, the problem lies in the competition. Unlike medical and teaching careers, it’s fairly easy to get onto a college course for film & video. So, the courses are usually overpopulated. Consequently, you end up fighting a lot of people for the jobs on offer.

This is why there’s such a high unemployment rate in this career field. Too much competition means too many people are missing out on jobs. It’s a career that’s very much based on who you know rather than what you know. If you have industry contacts, then you’ll find a job with ease. But, for the majority of people, this isn’t the case. They’re left fighting it out with everyone else, and end up unemployed.

Hopefully, this article has helped shed some light on the good and bad careers out there. To improve your chances of a good career, you need to find something with good job prospects.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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