Want A Job Where You Help People? Then Consider These Career Moves

Having a career where you go home each night thinking you have done something is vital for some people. That job satisfaction is what motivates you to get up in the morning. Some people can get that buzz from sales. However, for many people, it’s more about helping others that give them that sense of achievement.13780167005_80f1894253_b

Do you have a career where you help others? Is it something you want to consider? The perhaps the suggestions below will inspire you to make a career move.

Working in customer service

Working in customer service can be a great way to help people each day. Depending on the industry you work in, sometimes this role will be about helping. While other times it could be resolving a complaint The ultimate goal is to help the customer with every enquiry. Getting a resolve that everyone is happy with at the end. Customer service roles can be telephone based, while others are face to face. Some of them may require training in a particular industry, while others may just rely on your people skills. Something that cannot be taught. The great thing about customer service role is that a lot of them tend to be office based.

Becoming a security guard

You may not associate being a security guard with helping people, but actually, that is exactly what a security guard does. In theory, they are there to protect something. That may be working at night to protect a building. Or perhaps patrolling a busy environment during opening hours. But a security guard will be on hand to protect people. That may be from problems caused, or ensuring their safety. You may not realise but being a security guard can be quite a risky job. You are putting yourself in harm’s way each day, helping others. This is why making sure you have assurance in place for loved ones would be worth of consideration. Websites like www.genesage.com/occupations/security-guards have more information.

Being a police officer

Another risky job would be becoming a police office. However, this is one of those career moves that ensures job satisfaction. Everyday you are there to protect people. You will be on hand to handle enquiries. This could be anything from harassment down to burglary or assault. You will be assessing situations to ensure the safety of others. It is one of those career moves that will have you on your toes each day. But part of the risk of that is that you don’t know what each day will entail.

Working as a counsellor

If it’s helping people is your motive then becoming a counsellor could be the greatest career move you make. Many people suffer from issues of the mind. Depression and anxiety can be crippling for the person suffering. As a counsellor, you could be trained in things like cognitive behavioral therapy. This is where you will help change the way someone lives. It could be a stressful role, but one that would provide such help for others. For more ways that a counsellor could help someone check out resources like http://www.counselling-directory.org.uk/what-is-counselling.html.

Of course, there are many more career options out there. What would you do?

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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