3 Fantastic Steps That Will Help You Apply for Your Next Role

When you’re trying to find work you need to look for how to get the best outcome. It’s important to apply for the right sorts of roles, and this guide can help you with that. Follow the three pieces of advice on here, and make sure you use them in the best possible way. They will really help you go a long way toward getting the right career path.


Look Deeper

You must remember that you should never take a job advertisement at face value. Always look deeper and do your research. If get you can get to the bottom of what is expected this will help you greatly. Always read the job advert thoroughly, and try to find out more about a specific career if you can.

You have to know whether a career is right for you, and you can’t know that until you understand it better. I

Isa Adney often says that “job seeking is as unique and creative as an individual.” This should indicate to you the importance of making sure a career path is right for you. You need to be right for a role just as much as the role needs to be right for you.

Chuck Your CV Out, Start Again

Forget everything you think you know about writing the perfect resume. You’re starting again from scratch. Now, it’s a common rule that a modern CV should be two pages, no more, no less.

It takes this many to fit the relevant information on there, but, any more than two looks untidy and cluttered. You need to begin with a personal statement, i.e. a paragraph about yourself. Then you need to list previous experience and education.

Only include stuff that’s relevant. For instance, your 12+ score would not be appropriate. Stick to degree or A-level scores. As for previous employment, try to only list roles relevant to the one you’re applying for.

And make sure you include points about the tasks you carried out in those roles. A good CV should be geared towards the job you are interested for in.

Online Searches

Walking the high street and dropping your CV into random stores you pass is a rather archaic concept. In fact, these days, many businesses will only take digital applications from their candidates.

Indeed, it was predicted that by 2016 we would be able to apply for jobs over social media, interview on video, and work anywhere in the world. And that is pretty much the way it has gone.

Surveys have even shown us that around 35% of people use a smartphone when they are looking for jobs. You could search online for a security job using your PC, laptop, or phone. This really is the optimum way of applying for work these days.


As you might imagine, the internet has changed the way businesses recruit. It is now much simpler for people to find job adverts online and apply for them.

And you need to make the most of this. Keep the points on this list in mind when you apply for your next position.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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