What Direction Should I Take My Nursing Career?

Are you planning a career in nursing? Maybe you’re fresh out of college and deciding on a course for higher education, or you’re on a different path with your job and want to switch.20303886924_45b4fdacf4_b

It’s an incredibly rewarding and valuable career; you can genuinely help people and make a difference. Here are just a few of the directions you could take your nursing career in.


There are many nursing roles within a hospital setting. You could be a ward nurse, who provide a link between patients’ admission to hospital and their discharge or transfer elsewhere. You could be a surgical nurse working under a doctor in any field of surgery, or a midwife on the neonatal unit. You could go down the mental health route and work with patients with a range of mental health difficulties. Once qualified, many nurses work within a hospital setting. So decide on the type of nursing and role that most interests you, and work out the career path to get to it. You will start with a degree in nursing and then go onto further courses and experience to specialize in your chosen area.

Nursing Home

If you’re looking for a career in a nursing home or other long-term residential care unit, why not consider a career as an MDS coordinator? In this role, you are responsible for assessing the behavior and moods of residents. This role important as it allows the support and care for each patient to be customized to their needs. Alternatively, you could become a dementia nurse or even a general care nurse which are useful in a nursing home environment. As the old saying goes, a civilization can be judged by how it treats its weakest members. Taking care of our elderly is so important. We must ensure they have access to the right healthcare and everything they need in the winter of their lives.

In a Prison

As a prison nurse, you have to remain completely objective, despite what a prisoner has done they should be treated with equal respect and fairness as any other patient. You will need to be a qualified, registered nurse. Adult nursing, mental health or learning disabilities are all useful. Knowledge of the criminal justice system is also advisable, which is worth bearing in mind if you plan on working in this field. You could take a course on criminology or volunteer in a criminal justice role. It could be with the police, prison or courts to gain the knowledge and experience you need.

In The Community

Community nurses work with GPs, hospitals, social services, and other healthcare staff. They help patients to cope with their health issues and disabilities, which allows them to have the best possible quality of life. District nursing is one area of community care nursing you could consider, in this role you will provide tailored care to patients in their homes. District nurses usually work on their own, although they do have the support of a team of healthcare professionals. If you want to work in a nursing or healthcare setting while still working independently, this could be the role for you. Community care nurses can sometimes work in treatment rooms such as in GP’s offices or health care clinics too.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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