Five Jobs Where You Can Work With Your Hands

There are many studies that show that working with your hands leads to the happiest career. Indeed, working to create something and putting in some manual labour invokes a happy response. And, isn’t that something we all crave in our jobs? According to those studies, gardeners are among the happiest people in their jobs. Theirs is a very hands-on type of employment, but it’s not the only option. In this post, we’ll look at some more options out there for those that are good with their hands.8539917384_d0631de0e8_n



Carpentry is a true labour of love. The ability to take an enormous, dense piece of wood, and turn it into something beautiful is quite a skill. However, it comes with a fantastic sense of achievement. Carpenters are part labourer, part artist. They design wonderful pieces of furniture, creating something both practical and beautiful. There is still a lot of money to be made in hand-crafted furniture. Although you face strong competition from the likes of Ikea, bespoke furniture is still highly coveted.


If you love using your hands, but also have a gift for the sciences, why not become a surgeon? They are among the most respected and valued members of society. You’ll also spend your day saving lives, and pushing the boundaries of medicine and science. It’s certainly a fulfilling job, and a lucrative career choice. Surgeons take home a salary at the upper reaches of national income. It’s a long journey to qualify as a surgeon, but it’s a road worth taking.


Working with your hands can often be a hard-wearing, laborious process. However, there is a delicate side to pursuing a hands-on career. One such idea is becoming an artist. Artists use their hands to create beautiful paintings or sculptures. It’s not exactly a traditional path, and it’s tough to make your way to the top. However, once you get there, the rewards are rich indeed. If you’re gifted with a natural talent, why not turn it into a career?


Working in construction is a great way to spend your time outdoors, and help create something. Again, this career provides a great deal of satisfaction and sense of achievement. It’s also a great career for camaraderie and teamwork. Of course, there are lots of things to consider before you enter the industry. It’s a hazardous career choice, so you’ll need contract works insurance for construction. You’ll also need rigorous training in health and safety. However, once completed, it’s a quick learning curve, and a fantastic experience.


Last of all, you could consider a career as a mechanic. This is another job spent in a team environment, working on cars and motorcycles. If you’ve got a passion for speed, engines, and classic cars, this might be your perfect career. The best way to start is by finding an apprenticeship. I just hope you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty!

There you have it, folks! Five varied ideas for a career with your hands. I hope you’ve found some inspiration, and best of luck.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it contains affiliate links.

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