How Do You Start to Re-enter The Work World?

Re-entering the work world after having been away, either to raise a child, serve in the military, go to grad school, deal with medical issues or other reasons, can be daunting. And in a tough economy like we have now, it can be even more difficult.

But as with other job hunts, being prepared and knowing the lay of the jobs’ landscape is key.

Re-entering the work world can be tough, especially in a tough economy.

The Jobs Doctor on recently included a question and answer with someone who had been out of the workforce for 12 years as a full-time mom.

Among the advice given: “Start with your LinkedIn profile. Use the recommendations area and the new endorsement areas. Develop a list of the competencies you want to showcase, and ask former colleagues to write recommendations expanding on those skill sets. Use at least two people from each role you had, and ask the same people, and others to endorse the skills you have the greatest desire to use.”

There’s a lot more, I recommend checking it out if you’re in a similar job hunting situation. And I’d add if you’re planning to leave the work world for any reason, Always Be Job Hunting by keeping current on who’s hiring, who’s expanding, etc., as I outline in my book, for the day when you do return.
John N. Frank

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