10 things to avoid doing, or being, at work

Lists of job-hunting and career do’s and don’ts are always very popular. I wrote about one recently and just saw another longer list of career don’ts that I’m passing along with my comments for each in brackets here]. For the full list and post, go to culpwrit.com. Ron Culp is a sharp public relations mind; if PR is your field, his blog is a good one to follow.

List time!

List time!

The list:

1. Don’t hide. [Being yourself in an interview and on the job is the only way to function, I believe. Trying to be someone a boss or a company wants that isn’t you is a formula for long-term disaster.]
2. Don’t tweak the truth. [Resume lies will come back to haunt you.]
3. Don’t rush and miss critical red flags. [Listening is as important as speaking well in an interview or any work setting.]
4. Don’t force it. [No one likes a desperate candidate or coworker, or subordinate, or boss.]
5. Don’t repeat the past. [Everyone does this because we are hard-wired to repeat what has helped us survive, but often it’s just a formula for another disaster. Try really hard to know yourself enough not to repeat past mistakes.]
6. Don’t be a taker. [How many bosses have you had who are takers? Want to be like them? Enough said.]
7. Don’t stay in an unhealthy relationship. [Sounds more like dating advice but it applies to work as well.]
8. Don’t lose personal power. [A tough one to manage in most workplaces today which have become more dehumanizing than ever; do what you can.]
9. Don’t forget who and what really matters. [I write about this repeatedly in my book.]
10. Don’t accept everyone. [Surprising to see in a list of job advice, but some people can hold you back, know you they are.]

John N. Frank

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