Summer job interviews: here’s how to dress

How you look on a job interview is as important, or perhaps more so, than what you say or what your resume says about you. People judge on first impressions and how you look goes a long way to forming that first impression. recently reran a piece it first published in 2009 about how to dress for a summer interview. While the piece is old, it’s still worth reading, the basics still hold true.

Looking sharp is important when job interviewing.

Looking sharp is important when job interviewing.

Some of the advice, first for women:

“If you’re wearing heels, replace them with a pair of comfortable flats. Tired feet can lead to poor posture. Find a coffee shop or a park nearby where you can sit down and put on your heels before entering the building,” the piece states.

For men:

“Splash your face with cold water; fix your hair; check your fingernails for dirt; and make sure there’s nothing caught in your teeth (smile). Always keep a handkerchief in your back pocket so you can wipe your face if it begins to sweat on the elevator ride up to the interview,” writes Nina Myers, a fashion writer.

In addition to the article, there’s also a photo gallery of what to wear.

The dog days of August are upon us, heed the advice here to help in your job search.
John N. Frank

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