Read the Book Bosses Don’t Want You To Read

I didn’t write Always Be Job Hunting to upset any corporate human resources people, but apparently what I’m saying in it is so subversive, namely to build your own brand and always be planning ahead for your next job, that at least one company doesn’t want to tell its employees about the book for fear it might cause people to start thinking about job hunting.

Read secrets your overlords don’t want you to know.

The company is my latest employer. Not long after the book published this spring, I received an e-mail at work asking for personal tidbits to include in the staff e-newsletter. I eagerly wrote a short item about my book, hoping it might help me generate sales.

I never received an acknowledgement of that e-mail nor has anything about the book appeared in the newsletter. I know through back channels that the HR folks decided they didn’t want to tell workers about a book called Always Be Job Hunting for fear it would cause people to start looking for new jobs!

Too bad they haven’t actually read the book, they might like the parts about being a super-employee everywhere you work so you can build your personal brand for the next job hunt.

I didn’t really expect any other reaction and now I can tout the book as one bosses are afraid to have you read. I rather like that, expect to see me saying it more.
John N. Frank

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