Is Now The Time To Consider A New Career Path?

Imagine that it’s Monday. You open your eyes as the screech of the alarm bellows in the background. Your body feels heavy, weak even. You’re tired, and you know that for the rest of the week you are doing something you dislike. A career that perhaps you fell into. A job that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Or just something that pays the bills.


Sound familiar?

You may now be at the perfect time to change careers and here’s why.

Few of us are blessed to have known what career we wanted when leaving college. Some of the most interesting people still don’t in their 30’s, 40’s and even later. But we end up having a job . We have bills to pay, food to eat and families to support. Life moves on.

Many people will sail on through their working life and just go with the flow. Not having the confidence to do something different. You could have an interest in law and want to learn more about becoming a paralegal. You may have a real flair for retail but don’t know how to make the jump into a new role. You might even be fantastic at cooking or baking but have no idea how to turn that into a job or small business.

All of the if’s and but’s is what stops people from actually taking the plunge and doing something that they love.6290270129_74eef94d8f_z

Imagine waking up on Monday morning with a spring in your step. How would that feel to know your off to do a job or run a business you feel passionate about?

You don’t have to stay in the mundane or the boring just because it suits for now. There could be a better job out there just waiting for you to grab it with both hands.

“Opportunity does not knock; it presents itself when you beat the door down.”
Kyle Chandler
An opportunity has a funny way of presenting itself. Taking those necessary steps to change your career path could lead onto to bigger and better things for you in the future. More income, a better quality of life, a stronger work/life balance. All of which is achievable.
It’s hard to know when the right time is? It’s a big step after all. It can be life changing in some ways. But the real answer is, there will never be the perfect time to make that change.

If you sit around hoping for a sign, then you will be waiting a long time. Something will happen to stop you. An unexpected bill or a change of circumstance.
The time is now. If you are stuck in a job you dislike ask yourself a few simple questions. What am I passionate about? How can that be turned into a new job role, career or small  business? What do I need to do to achieve it? Then go out and do it. We only get one life, so it’s worth living it, at least, doing something that we enjoy.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it contains affiliate links.

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