Good With Money? Make It Rain With These Career Paths

There are some people who simply seem to understand money at an intrinsic level. While the rest of us are scrambling for help with taxes and budgeting, do you have an iron tight grasp on your own finances? If you do, then you have a skill that should by no means be underestimated. In this article, we’ll look at the careers that a good grasp on money can easily lead to. You could play a vital role in a business or even use a variety of ways to own and sell that skill for yourself.



It is a vital skill to be able to identify the individual sources of money, the individual expenses, keep them organized and see them all fit together. Accurate record keeping is a legal responsibility of all business owners, not to mention how essential it is to actually have an accurate view of your money situation. Yet it’s a skill that many business owners simply don’t have and don’t have the time to learn. It might be a good idea to get a free trial of some bookkeeping software and getting to grips with it. You’ll be armed with the kind of clarifying skill that many businesses will want on their side.


You might be wondering if we’re being redundant right now, but the truth is that bookkeeping and accounting are similar, but two different things. For one, to be able to call yourself an accountant and do the higher echelons of accounting, you need the right qualifications. That also means that you’re likely to be earning a lot more than in book-keeping, of course. Accountants don’t just compile and organize the data, but they interpret it, too. It uses a keen grasp on the analytics of money, prediction and account principles. But these skills turn the accountant into less of a record-keeper and more of a data-based advisor. Most successful businesses have an accountant offering their opinion to help the owner make the best decisions possible for the business.



If you like working with people as much as you like working with numbers, then there are career opportunities that don’t insulate you quite as much from your colleagues. After all, human resources is about more than recording sick days and helping employers deal with conflict in the workplace. It’s about managing the vital responsibility of ensuring that everyone is paid and their benefits are dealt with appropriately. It might also require a bit of investigative work, spotting those aspects of the business where your employer might not be fully compliant with their responsibilities regarding payroll. The rise of payroll recruitment agencies makes it clear that there is a growing demand for people with specific skills needed in that section of the business.

Tax prep

You don’t necessarily have to work for a business, either. There are a lot of opportunities to strike out on your own and work as a freelancer. While many accountants have a permanent position in a company, several more work with clients on the short-term, but remain independent. If you have a specific skill regarding finance that you could focus on, then it might be worth freelancing in a niche of your own. For instance, you might very well have an understanding of how taxes work in all kinds of different contexts. Tax preparation is a skill that many individuals and organizations are lacking. Many of them are a lot more willing to pay someone to help them now than having to pay a fine somewhere down the line.spreadsheets


Finance is, in part, largely down to the math that’s playing out. But that’s not all it’s about. Taking care of your money means knowing the different opportunities and mechanisms that help you control and grow those funds. For businesses, it also means operating within the legally defined apparatus that ensures that no individuals and no business are taking advantage of the capital at their disposal for unlawful gain. If you have a keen eye for the details of what makes finance compliant, then you might think about using that keen eye in a more investigative role. Auditors can work either for the state or for individual companies, helping them straighten out their finances before they get them in trouble.


Take a closer look at the skills you have in themselves. If you have a real grasp and understanding of them, then have you considered teaching them to others? Not only might you be able to offer classes in tutoring people on bookkeeping. You can also look at the individual skills that make you quite as skilled with money as you are. For instance, you undoubtedly need to have a strong grasp of mathematics. It’s undeniable that to do well with money, you need to be good at using organizational tools as well. From children in school to adults attempting to build their own resume or learn the skills they need to become a business owner, tutoring offers a lot of opportunity.



Then there are people who are looking for long-term strategies that they can implement to improve their financial situation or those who simply have a question that you might have the expertise to answer. One of the easier ways to share information is online, and the rise of blogging and the monetization of blogs makes it a lot easier to make money sharing said information. If you have plenty of advice to give, then you should consider creating your own blog. Affiliate programs, sponsorships, and the link can give you the ability to pair with relevant businesses that would be willing to pay you for the visibility. Just make sure you stick to what’s relevant. Out of place advertisement can only end up driving readers away.

Underpinning an expert grasp on finance is a mathematical and an analytical skill that can take you a lot further than dealing with money alone. It might be a good idea getting the mathematical qualifications that match your skills to make your resume even more attractive.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.


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