Got The Job? Now Join The Trade Association!

So you got the job – congratulations!

But that’s no reason to sit back and relax now. There are some things you should do to ensure that you can enjoy a healthy work life and can enjoy all the rights that you are entitled to.

So, once you sign your contract for your new job, it’s important that you join an industry trade group. These are especially important for people who work in a practical occupation and have a very skilled trade.

Once you join the trade group, you will be able to go to them for any professional help that you might need, whether it is closely linked to your occupation or you just want some general business help with running a company. Most trade groups list all of their members in a directory as well, so they have a greater chance of being hired by the general public.

Interested in joining a trade group? Here are some popular ones that promote and represent all their members.

Federation of Master Builders

Members of the Federation of Master Builders receive insurance discounts, as well as many other benefits. Specializing in builders who are self-employed or operate a small business, the FMB also offers lots of business advice to those who also deal with marketing their skills and sorting out their own accounts and taxes. As the FMB is a trusted sign amongst the building industry and the general public, builders who are members have a greater chance of finding clients thanks to the federation’s seal of approval and sterling reputation.

Financial Services Forum

People who work in the financial services, whether as an accountant or a financial advisor, can sign up to join the Financial Services Forum. The forum has a large knowledge center where members can find out relevant information on news and new trends in their industry. Once members, individuals can access more resources from the knowledge center and can also join online message boards to ask for advice and join in with debates.

American Beverage Association

The American Beverage Association (ABA) is for anyone who works with non-alcoholic beverages. The association represents anyone who works in distribution, production, and franchises. The ABA aims to further its members’ education and offers lots of resources for those who wish to take their knowledge and skills further. There are also lots of initiatives that members can take part in, such as how they can promote a healthier lifestyle to their customers and consumers.

United States Telecom Association

For those who work in the telecom industry, the United States Telecom Association is there to represent them and offer various support and resources. Anyone who works in a company that has the aim of improving communications is able to join the association. There are many benefits of becoming a member, but one of the main ones has to be year-round career development opportunities for all members. There are also plenty of chances to collaborate with other members and work together to improve tech communications within the United States.

Farm Foundation

Anyone who works on a farm or in the agricultural industry is able to join the Farm Foundation. This non-partisan association helps farmers and agricultural workers to make the most of their land, livestock, and crops, without damaging the land and being disruptive to local communities. There are also lots of round table events that give members the chance to get together and discuss all the latest initiatives and news in the industry.

Game Manufacturers Association

If you work as a games developer, then you should consider joining the Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA). There is only one thing, though – GAMA only represents tabletop games and board games so you won’t be able to join if you work on video of computer games. There are lots of different programs through GAMA that come with numerous benefits for members. For instance, there are lots of deals and discounts that you can get on shipping and postal services. The association also offers Payroll services to those game developers who are self-employed and have to fill out their own tax returns.

So, make sure you get signed up to a trade association in your industry once you finally get the job of your dreams. They are very much worth it as they can prevent your dream job from turning into one from your nightmares!

There are loads of different associations out there; these in this blog post are just a small selection. Have a Google to see which ones you can join!

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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