How good are you on phone interviews?

Phone interviews have become part of every job hiring process. Companies no longer want to take the time of bringing first-round candidates in for a first interview. Rather someone, often a human resources person, will do first interviews by phone, checking to see if a candidate meets enough basic criteria to warrant bringing them in for a face-to-face meeting.

So it’s essential you develop good phone interviewing skills. A phone interview isn’t the same as sitting in a room with someone talking directly to them. There can be distractions on both sides. and here’s a tendency to ramble on the phone, to almost become too comfortable in the situation and so speak like you might with a friend. That interviewer is not your friend, don’t talk like it.

Stayed focused during phone interviews.

Stayed focused during phone interviews.

Rather, know what you’re talking points are going to be for the call. Know what key words are in the ad you answered and be sure to get them in your answers. Give direct, short answers to questions. Avoid the urge to tell stories or give long-winded examples.

And always speak up, be sure you’re being heard, especially if you’re on a cell phone.
John N. Frank

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