Skills to demonstrate at an interview to win your dream job

Many people speak about the value of transferable skills. These are the key skills that are needed no matter what job or career you are moving to. Essentially, they are the same skills required whether you are a doctor or a cashier. They are acquired through experience, but also include desirable personality traits. Your interviewer will ask questions and gauge responses to see if you might fit in.

One of the most desirable things you can bring to a job interview is people skills. Employers need to know that you are likeable and easy-going. They want someone who can fit in with the team and take the good with the bad and not fuss about it. An interviewer may ask you a few personal questions. These may be about your home life or what you enjoyed doing at college. Your answers should determine if you make a good team player.

Common sense is something that employers need from their youngest candidates. It doesn’t matter if this is your first job or not so long as you can figure out the basics for yourself. Communication skills are essential. You must be able to answer the phone or compose emails in a professional manner. Your academic successes may help identify your strengths here. You may be asked a couple of ‘what if’ questions to see how you would respond to certain scenarios.

Your interest in the company is key to a successful interview. Find out what the firm does and how it is performing. You need to prove that this job is your dream job and that the company is at the heart of what makes it great.

Image source: Flickr

Image source: Flickr

Image source Flickr

Your interest in the job role should also be evident. Show that you have a long-standing love for the industry and duties you would perform. Detail how you have become knowledgeable and informed. You don’t need formal qualifications for many jobs such as a medical assistant. But acquiring certification from medical assistant schools will show you are determined to make this a career.

Continued training and education look very good on your resume. It demonstrates a thirst for knowledge about your industry. It also shows that you are keen to better yourself. Educational achievements suggest you are good at managing your time. Recent qualifications demonstrate you have the latest information about your industry. Not studied recently? Talk about the relevant journals you read or the trade events you have attended.

If you are looking to change careers, then show where this new passion has come from. For example, if you want to become a medical assistant, talk about how you have been a valued assistant in your previous roles. Demonstrate the skills needed, such as keeping accurate records and supporting your team. Transferable skills really can bridge the gap between industries and professions.

Changing careers or returning to a previous one doesn’t need to be a challenge. You can use the skills you’ve acquired and the positive personality traits you possess to land your dream job. No matter what that is, what you know and what you’ve done can be exactly what your next employer is looking for. Good luck!

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