What can you do to get the job of your dreams?

Work is not always what you imagined it would be. It is certainly a rude awakening when you complete your formal education and enter the ‘real’ world.

The amount of hard work required and competition for jobs are astounding. And, as a result, you can end up not doing going down a career path that isn’t your first choice.

shaking handsSo what can make you stand out from the crowd?

Polish Your CV And Covering Letter
Your resume and cover letter are what your future employer is going to use to make his or her first judgement. Quite simply, it is your chance to make a first good impression. So, your resume should be well-structured, and there should be absolutely no grammatical or syntax mistakes. Spelling errors show you are too lazy to check your CV thoroughly and that you don’t care about your application. The structure makes it easier to read, so potential employers won’t throw it in the bin at a glance.

Nail The Interview
When you go for an interview, you have to be breezy and confident. Of course, it is a lot easier to say it that than to do it. However, being nervous can make you panic and say \things you don’t mean. Also, employers put a lot of emphasis on body language. They want someone who is confident and capable of working on their own. If you walk into the room looking like a lost child, you won’t impress.

To make sure the interview process goes well, you need to do some prep work beforehand. Every business has a plan and way it likes to go about its business. From your point of view, it is vital that you understand them and how they work. Not only is it impressive, so you stand out from the other candidates, but it is also a sign that you will make a seamless transition. Every company wants an employee that they don’t have to baby or monitor until they finally get it right. They want you to fit in from the beginning.

Go The Extra Mile
Level 2 first aid courses or health and safety experience stands out on a CV. First, these are areas that employers take very seriously. It is amazing how little things can make the biggest difference to your chances.

As the saying goes, it is not what you know but who you know. Employers are more likely to give the job to people that they know. They can trust them to do the job because they have seen their work before and know they hit the brief. Even if someone has a better CV, your link with an employer is important.

Finally, always remember to look the part. Someone who looks good and sounds good will never be far away from the job of their dreams.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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