Best Jobs If You Want To Help People

Many people out there don’t want to be stuck looking at a computer screen all day. They don’t care about making excessive amounts of money. Instead, they would rather know that their lives matter and they are making a difference in the world, helping people. What type of job should you go into if you want to help people and work with them each day? There are a few you could consider going into and the one you choose will depend on your skills as well as your personality traits.

If you want to help people with medical needs, you should perhaps consider nursing. But, you will need considerable patience and a friendly demeanor. It’s important that you make the people that you are treating feel relaxed.

Nursing on occasion will require you to have a firm stance. You can not afford to be pushed around by patients. You will be dealing with a whole range of people every working day. Some of these may be easier to manage than others, and you will be expected to help all of them. That is the position you will be putting yourself in. You will not be able to refuse treatment if someone is rude, obnoxious or aggressive. If you can cope with this, you will be helping people every day in a career you’re sure to love.

Being a personal carer is quite a lot like being a nurse. In fact, you might even need to consider enrolling on one of the nursing courses. Any course for a personal carer will require at least some form of medical training as well as first aid.

As a care giver, you will find that someone vulnerable will be dependant on you. This might be an elderly person or an individual with a disability. This job will also require a degree of patience. You will find yourself in situations that are difficult for the person you are helping to understand. They may feel upset or embarrassed to rely on you and it’s important you can make them feel comfortable. You may also find yourself in a role with the individual that is close to a parent looking after their child. For some, this can be disconcerting but others, it’s a chance to make a difference.

Of course, if you want to work with people, you might like to think about working with children. Children are different from working with adults because they require you to be strict and understanding in an equal measure.

teachingThis is a difficult middle point to master, and that’s why some people who clearly shouldn’t be teachers find themselves in the classroom. They are far too strict and refuse to give children any leniency. You also get teachers in a classroom who clearly can not control a group. However, you will be given training where you should learn how to tackle both these needs. People who should be teachers often want to help people while having a great rapport with children. But remember, you can not be a friend. They must see you as a point of authority, or they won’t respect you.

Any one of these roles could be perfect for you if you’re hoping to work with people and help, each day of your life.

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2 Responses to Best Jobs If You Want To Help People

  1. Interesting post – but as a Registered Nurse I may add a few thoughts… The main people you need to be firm with are the Doctors (and other professionals!) As the patient’s advocate, this can mean going against others in order to do the right thing for your patient. You can most certainly refuse treatment when someone is aggressive, no-one should be expected to do their job without their safety being paramount. However, you get very good at dodging punches (especially on a night shift!) Finally I would add – you need lots and lots of stamina, particularly when working on a Ward. It can be an exhausting, at times stressful career, but extremely rewarding.

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