Ways you can turn your passion for writing into a career

Writing is a passion that many people want to turn into a career. If you have exceptional writing skills, here are some careers that may interest you:

Become a blogger

Blogging is a very modern career but one that is great for earning money. There are a couple of ways you can earn money as a blogger. For starters, you could create your own blog. Set up a blog around a topic that interests you. That’s the key here, don’t create a blog on something popular just because it’s popular. Create a blog on something you’re passionate about, it will make writing a lot easier. When you have your blog, you can sell ad space to companies. They’ll pay you to advertise their sites in the ad space on your blog. The more popular your blog, the more money you’ll make through advertising.

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The second way to make money blogging is by being a guest blogger on other sites. Some blogs will hire people to write for them. You can continue with your blog while earning money from contributing to others.

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Become An author

The most successful writers in the world are authors. People who write brilliant books can end up making millions. Anyone can write a book, all it takes is an idea, just a spark of inspiration. If you have good writing skills, why not consider writing a book? There are loads of different avenues you can go down here. You could write a self-help book on a topic that you know a lot about. Or, you could write fiction and create a story for people to enjoy. Whatever you feel like writing about, do it!

The biggest hurdle authors face is publishing. You can write a really good book, but you still need it to be published. Back in the day this meant finding a publishing company and hoping they’ll publish your book. But, if you learn how to self publish, you can do it yourself! Once your book is published, you can start promoting and selling it to the public. Hopefully, you’ll end up making a good deal of money.

Become a journalist

Another popular profession is journalism. When most people are passionate about writing, their dreacomputerm is to be a journalist. They want to work for a big company and write news stories every day. Naturally, because it’s so popular, journalism is hard to get into. My advice would be to specialise in one particular field. If you like sports, focus on one sport and become an expert at it. This can help your chances of finding a job.

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Also, you could consider a career as a freelance journalist. This is slightly easier to do, as you can look around for any outlets that need work done. You can contribute to various media sites, papers, you name it. The key to being a successful freelancer is promoting yourself well. You want people to know who you are and know how good your work is. If they do, this gives you a better chance of getting work.

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