Here’s what it takes to work In the oil industry

Most people know companies in the oil industry pay great wages. However, few folks understand the full implications of working for drilling firms. This post will highlight that it takes to start a new career in that area.

For most people, working in the oil and gas industry is not suitable. It’s more a lifestyle than a job, and you’ll have to sacrifice a lot to keep the bosses happy. With a bit of luck, you’ll know for certain if working in the oil world is a good idea after reading this post.

oilExperience with specialist machinery
While many companies provide training, experience with specialist tools and machinery is a big bonus. Those working on rigs might have to operate a section of the drill, and that’s a big responsibility. Any mistakes could mean you place lives at risk. Those working on land might have to handle a hot oil vaporizer coil or mobile diesel heater. Anyone with a background in engineering should pick things up quickly.  Having experience will make your CV stand out from the crowd.

Happy to work away from home
Very few people live near an active oil field for obvious reasons. That is why it’s essential that all oil workers are comfortable with spending time away from home. You might have to go abroad for months each year, and that means you won’t get to see your family.

Most workers who stay on rigs for a long time do not have children. As you can probably imagine, it’s very hard to spend time apart from the people you love. Oil workers get a decent wage, so there is always enough cash to send home. However, sometimes being away from the kids is just too much to handle.

Excellent communication skills
Communication is key when working in the oil industry. You will encounter situations in which it is vital that you speak to other people quickly and using the right terminology. People without good social skills could become a danger to others. When there is an issue, any hesitation could mean the situation becomes very dangerous.

Your people skills would need some work too. That is especially the case when you’re going to spend months on a rig with individuals you’ve never met.

The only other thing you need to worry about is a strong stomach. No matter how large an oil rig might be, it is always going to sway with the waves. People who get seasick are not going to make good oil workers because they’ll feel too ill all the time. There are lots of pills you can take if seasickness is only an occasional problem. However, you should look for alternative employment if you’ve always had a problem with motion.

There are a million and one different jobs in the world, so don’t feel disheartened if this one isn’t for you. Go out and create a job if you can’t think of anything suitable – owning a business is the key to success for those who don’t suit traditional roles.

Remember that!

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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