Profitable career paths For multilingual speakers

If you had the foresight to master a foreign language, you open yourself up to dozens of new career opportunities. Better still if English is your second language. The world will always have the need for a foreign language speaker and companies are willing to pay a premium for the service. Here are a few ideas to jump-start your job search.

Teaching Abroad
This is usually the go-to option for native English speakers with fluency in a second language. Living abroad is often the dream for many. Experiencing new cultures, people and food is something we’re willing to pay for. Imagine if there was somebody willing to pay you for the pleasure. Good news; there is. English is the third most spoken language in the world, and most countries have taken to learning it at an early age. That means they need somebody to teach their children – and why shouldn’t that be you? If you have a grasp on their native tongue, you could be the one living out your dreams abroad and be paid handsomely for it.


With countries like China leading the way in industry, businesses need to stay connected with their trade. Obviously, the language barrier can make this an issue. That’s where you come in. Translating documents, conferences and video calls can be a profitable venture indeed. Better still, joining an agency like MI Translations means no two days will ever be the same. You could be working with countless different businesses. This means soaking up knowledge and ultimately furthering your career.

Police Interpreter
When it comes to the police service, time is everything. Their line of questioning cannot afford to be held up by a language barrier. For this reason, they reach out to foreign language interpreters to assist them. There is more to working with the police than just having the ability to speak a second language, however. You’ll need to join a register which they’ll consult before calling somebody in. You’ll most likely be working on a freelance or part-time basis, and will have to be on call. However, your salary will reflect this.

Customer Service
Most distribution services are now targeting a worldwide audience thanks to the likes of Amazon and eBay. These merchant platforms make it possible to sell your product anywhere in the world. However, that means that when it comes to a customer lodging a complaint, quite often it can be in a foreign tongue. Companies don’t want to tarnish their reputation with bad feedback. They need to be able to rectify any mistakes and keep their customers happy. As a customer service agent, you’ll be tasked with manning the phones and sending e-mail to foreign speakers. You are the company’s only line of communication, so you’ll be compensated fairly. Call centre work can often be well-paid anyway, let alone when you speak another language.

There are even more job possibilities for linguists, so explore the opportunities to further your career. And if you can’t already speak a foreign language, maybe it’s time you learn.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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