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4 Well-Paid Freelance Careers You Should Consider

When many people are looking for work, they decide to become a freelancer. Freelancing means you don’t work exclusively for one company. You aren’t on anyone’s payroll; you get paid as you work. Here’s my pick of the best freelance … Continue reading

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Try These Inspired Ways To Find A New Job

When you know you want a better job, the search can seem endless. But unless you continually strive for better, you won’t get anything better. It’s important to keep on top of your industry of interest. You need to know … Continue reading

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Job hunting is like a game, so why not create one

I’m intrigued by a recent article I saw about some British entrepreneur trying to launch a job hunting board game called Worker Placement. Continue reading

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Journalism jobs: how do you plan for a changing profession?

Simply put, the advertisers who once paid to support magazines so all us journalists could write long-form stories in them don’t want to pay anymore. They’ve found more cost-effective ways to reach their customers. Continue reading

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How to Land a Job Right After College: a guest post

The following guest post was sent to me by an associate of the author. I agreed to run it because it contains some job-hunting basics that are worth remembering. Continue reading

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College debt and job hunting — a guest post

She had written me about running the infographic seen here and I asked how it related to job hunting. That prompted her to write this post about her own experiences. I think many can relate and so am running it today. I am not endorsing use of the company which created the graphic; the link will take you there but again I am not endorsing it or receiving any payment from it to run this infographic. Continue reading

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A coworker reviews “Always Be Job Hunting”

When a coworker asked to buy a copy of my book, “Always Be Job Hunting,” recently, I wondered what her reaction would be to reading about my career and the choices I have made. Last week, she gave me my answer in the form of this book review. I was truly touched by her insights and sentiments about the book, I hope it will help others as well. Continue reading

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