Spring Means Gearing Up for a New Job Hunting Season

The traditional spring rush of new college grads is entering the workforce, all looking for work in a still sluggish U.S. economy. But you don’t have to be a new grad to start searching this time of year, everyone who is job hunting (and that means you), should spruce up their job-hunting tools and techniques and enter the fray this time of year.

Why? Many companies start new fiscal years in June or July, and that means new budgets, which can mean new money to fill positions left vacant to save a few dollars as the old year drew to a close.

Time for some spring job hunting

Time for some spring job hunting

So here’s how to get ready to get some spring job offers:

  • Revamp your resume. If it’s been a few months or even a year since you looked at your resume, that means there are recent achievements not on there. Review and update your resume,,,and create different resumes for different types of jobs you may be seeking.
  • Revamp your job hunting wardrobe. Men have it easier on this front as several men’s clothing stores offer buy one get one or even get two free deals. You need more than one job hunting suit for when you’re called back for a second interview. And don’t forget some new ties. They may not be worn in many workplaces any longer but they’re still a job hunting wardrobe basics in many industries. Also, have at least one pair of decent dress shoes.
  • Re-examine your prospect list. Are there companies you want to target that you haven’t before? Have some of your old targets fallen on hard times? Prune the list and add to it as needed.

Gear up for a new season, because you should Always Be Job Hunting.

John N. Frank

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