Always Be Job Hunting Excerpt: Getting a First Job

A funny thing happened as I was creating a page for excerpts from my book, Always Be Job Hunting. I realized I hadn’t posted as many excerpts as I had originally planned. So I’m correcting that in the next few days by posting excerpts from each chapter.

Chapter 2: Getting a First Job

Even after 36 years in the work world, I clearly remember what it was like to look for my first job. I remember like it was yesterday because, as a journalist, remembering things is what I do for a living. And because I have been filing away job-hunting lessons ever since. In a very real way, I have become a professional job hunter, which is why I’m writing this book, to share the fruits of my learning with you.
Back in 1975, I was job hunting in the midst of a horrible economy, just as so many, including my own children, are doing today.

The table of contents of "Always Be Job Hunting."

The table of contents of “Always Be Job Hunting.”

While job-search technology has dramatically changed in the nearly four decades since, you can still learn lessons from what I did. Combine the lessons with today’s tools and, hopefully, you’ll land that first – and next — job.

I graduated from Marquette University in spring, 1975, a time when the country also was reeling from a recession. Despite getting a few interviews, the possibility of finding a full-time job seemed dim. Besides the economy, I also had to deal with some stiff competition in a popular field. My hoped-for profession, journalism, was flooded with people like me who wanted to change the world.

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John N. Frank

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