Why Should You Buy Always Be Job Hunting?

My new book isn’t just filled with platitudes about how to find a job, its an autobiographical account of staying one step ahead of shrinking industries, dying companies and inept senior mangers.

The first page of chapter one of  "Always Be Job Hunting."

The first page of chapter one of “Always Be Job Hunting.”

That makes it different from all the other job hunting books out there, I promise you that. Knowing someone else has done all this will give you strength to carry on in whatever job travails you face.

And to give you a flavor for the book, I’ve assembled excerpts I published early in this blog’s existence onto a new page to make it easy for you to peer inside the book to read what you’ll find there. Check out this new page and the links there and then click on the link to Amazon.com where you can buy the book, either in paperback or in a Kindle version. It will be money well spent.
John N. Frank

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