Five Steps For A Successful Job Search, a guest post

Searching for a job is one of the most arduous tasks for an individual or a professional. It is important for the candidates to cover all the basics of a job search which include important steps like creating a résumé and meeting with recruiters etc. One must take special care that everything should be focused and professional in order to get the job position that you applied for. Keeping up to date with the latest career trends and developments in the organizational workflow is essential for a successful job search. Searching for jobs without a plan will not only waste precious time but will also land you with a job that doesn’t fit your skill set. Here are some quick tips for the first time job seekers for a successful job hunt.


Guest blogger Luke Peters

Guest blogger Luke Peters

  1. Research Is The Key

Finding the right job always comes down to amount of research that a job seeker does looking for appropriate positions. One must spend at least 30 hours in a week on searching for various jobs that match your skill set and experience. Searching for jobs is similar to a full time work and one must plan their actions as if being paid by someone to do the job. Most successful job seekers consider job search as real work similar to a full time job. The higher the amount of research you do, the better opportunities you get.

  1. Work With A Plan

Looking for a job without a plan or strategy will only waste your and the organization’s time and will rarely provide you with the satisfaction that you seek with your job. Review your qualification as it is important to know what kind of job matches your area or expertise. Clearly identify the job objectives and your role in an organization if you are hired. It is common for new job seekers to fill up their résumé with information that is totally non-relevant to the applied positions. So, one must make sure to include only the information that is important for the job position.

  1. Online Networking Is Essential

With the growing popularity of social media for personal and professional use, it is important for the job seekers to maintain their profiles on social media platforms like facebook, LinkedIn etc. Connecting with the other people who are already working in your field can provide you with some vital insights on the organization and the work environment. New job seekers often talk too much about their accomplishments and qualities on social media and fail to learn from the connections they have made.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Talk To The Employers Directly

More than 85% of the organizations do not list their open positions on the job seeking portals and directly hire the people who already know about the open positions. Once you have narrowed down your own goals, do not be afraid to approach the companies directly for available positions that suit your skill set. One must make a list of all the organizations that are relevant to your experience and qualifications and should not be shy to ask for an open position.

  1. Persistence Is A Must

A never give up attitude is one of the essential qualities that a job seeker should have. Job search is a complicated and time consuming process and facing failures is unavoidable. Rejections can often bulk up and lead to the feeling of depression and dejection. Having your résumé rejected by an organization can be disheartening but one must take it as a part and parcel of life and should never stop trying. Failures often are an indication of loopholes in your plan. You must properly review your strategy in order to lower the chances of rejection in the future interviews.

While job searching contains several uncertainties and risks of being rejected, it is important for job seekers to keep in mind the abovementioned tips to ease the situation. A well planned and confidant approach can limit the chances of your résumé being ignored or rejected by the interviewer.

Author Bio:

Luke Peters has written several articles on topics such as recruitment, hiring, management, finance and marketing etc. He is also the current contributor for and likes to spend most of his time reading about  about management and keeping up with the latest trends and developments in the market.

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