There’s No Such Thing As “One Size Fits All” In Your Business!

There are plenty of blog posts and articles all over the internet that offer fantastic advice on everything from running your own business to making it as a freelancer in the modern world. But there’s one mistake that a lot of these articles tend to make a lot of the time.

That mistake is that they simply don’t pay enough attention to the fact that every single business is going to be different. As much as it’s great to offer generalized advice, the truth is that there really is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to running a business.

Each business has different and specific needs, and if you don’t pay enough attention to those needs, you could wind up in trouble. With that in mind, here are some aspects of your business that may need a slightly more personal touch.

IT infrastructure

IT is one of those things that every single business needs but not every business is going to implement it in the same way. You may need your IT to cover everything from dedicated servers for your site to large databases of customer profiles, whereas others might need there’s to run proprietary software that the entire business is built around. Continue reading

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3 Interview Tips For Digital Marketing Positions

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing industries out there and there are so many great opportunities to be had. In recent years there was a bit of a shortage of people who were properly trained in digital marketing but that’s changed a lot.

More people are qualified than ever which means that you’re going to come up against a lot of competition when you’re trying to land those positions. Getting some good experience and writing a great resume is the first step. If you do that right then you’ll get an interview.

The other candidates are likely to be just as qualified, if not more so, than you. That’s why it’s absolutely vital that you nail that interview. To help you along, here are some great tips on interviewing for digital marketing positions.

Show Depth Of Knowledge

While there are a lot of very experienced people out there, digital marketing also attracts a lot of candidates that think it’s a fairly easy career that just consists of making a few posts on social media and setting up a website.

People hangout together at coffee shop

You need to set yourself apart from the rest by showing real, in-depth knowledge of digital marketing. Every candidate is going to sit down and talk about creating good content and driving traffic to the website.

You need to prove that you know your stuff by talking about things like SEO algorithms, duplicate content and optimum timing for social media posts. It’s also important that you understand that digital marketing follows all of the same rules as standard marketing and you show this in your interview. Continue reading

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Plastic Hip: Skills Older Generations Can Learn From The Young

It’s not easy to admit that the younger generation has skills that older people need. Often, middle-aged men and women don’t get the respect they deserve in the workplace. For some reason, employees value youth over skill and experience, and it’s frustrating. The way to bridge the gap is to focus on the areas which put the twenty-somethings in the lead.

Learning new skills is never easy, and the saying reckons you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Well, here are the hacks that will blow that logic out of the water.


The idea of leaving a position to take up a role with a different firm doesn’t appeal to older employees. Over the years, culture has taught people who you have to be loyal. What do you have if you can’t stick by an employer who has given you an opportunity? Continue reading

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Changing Careers: Is It Possible Later in Life?

Work is a big part of our life, and if you hate the eight to twelve hours you spend in the workplace each day, chances are this affects your life dramatically. Even those with their dream career probably don’t leap out of bed to get to work every day, however it’s important that you find your work interesting or rewarding in some way or you’re probably going to be an unhappy person. If your job is feeling less and less appealing but you’re unsure about making the change as you’re a little older, here are some things to think about.

Decide on Your Next Move

It’s a brave move changing careers, particularly if this is a role you’ve been in for many years. So before handing in your notice and hoping for the best, it’s important that you think it through.

Think about the career transition, if you’re already a little older it might be worth considering a job that takes many years of training and education to reach the top. Continue reading

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Make Your Beverage Startup A Success

Starting a business that involves producing your own beverages has its challenges, but also its rewards

Nine out of ten new food and drink businesses fail, and this is why it’s extremely hard for a beverage startup to see its products on the shelves of any supermarket in town.

In order to make it in this already overly crowded marketplace, it is essential to know that your product has to stand out from the rest and for it to do so, many startups are turning to crowdfunding as a way of generating income that will help them launch their business idea.

Sixty percent of businesses in the food and beverages industry have made use of crowdfunding platforms to fund their project.

In this inevitably tough market believing that you will make it because you have the passion and determination is an enormous mistake, as this alone won’t help your business venture get off the ground. In the food and drinks marketplace, being in the right place at the right time is as important as having an excellent product to pitch to retail store managers.

Here, we tell you what to consider to make your beverage startup a success. Continue reading

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Finding the Perfect Encore Career

An encore career is a job that you start in later life. Perhaps after retirement, or as it nears. More people than ever are searching for the right encore career for them. The reasons for taking on new work at this time are varied.

Some people simply can’t stand the idea of retiring; they feel they’ve got more to give, and want a new challenge. They want to spend their time doing something that they enjoy, instead of sitting around waiting to get old.

For others, the decision to work into their retirement is financially motivated. Now more of us are buying homes later, or struggling to pay debts off long after the children have left home. Continue reading

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Refine Your Job Search With Your Own Business

A lot of people have tried their hand at the corporate world in the past, and whether they’ve succeeded or failed with their business ambitions, there’s a lot the experience can do to make you much more hirable.

So, if you feel like you’ve been running in circles for weeks, months, or even years now on your job search, maybe it’s time to amp up your skills and use your own ventures in your new career!

This is your time and your life, so make something good of it! Here’s a couple of ideas on realizing you have the necessary talents to your job box to land the position of your dreams.

The Skills Can Be Transferred

If you learnt some good marketing and management skills when you were at the head of a team or a management company, you’re already ahead of the game with your talents. A lot of businesses out there are on the lookout for people they don’t need to train and can immediately lump a lot of responsibility on, so really just attempting your own hand at running a company can do a lot for your prospects. Continue reading

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