What New Job Should I Apply For?

Is your current job not what you want anymore? Everyone has to move onto a new job sometimes, but it can be difficult trying to think of what job you could do instead of your current one.

Sometimes you have no idea where to even start, and other times you can struggle finding somewhere that’s within a commutable distance, or even if you don’t know whether you would enjoy it! Here are some useful pointers to hopefully help you in choosing a new job!

Will I Enjoy The Job?

This is often the main reason why people leave jobs to go to others, it’s because they simply don’t like their current job anymore! This happens with almost any job, and is normally the main reason why people leave.

You have to get a certain amount of enjoyment out of your job, if you don’t then it makes getting up in the morning to go to work harder than it needs to be! It also decreases your productivity at work, which is something that employers will pick up on.

If you’re not sure if you’ll enjoy a job role or not, websites like What Career Is Right For Me can help you greatly. They are free online tests that take into account skills and interests, giving you a result of some suggested careers that, based upon your skills and interests, would suit you.

Of course these aren’t 100% guaranteed to give you your dream career, but it’s a very good start!

Do I Need To Have Any Equipment For The Job?

Some jobs, especially self-employed ones, often require you to have your own equipment. This can be an issue because some equipment for certain occupations can cost a very large amount of money, especially if you’re looking to start a business!  

You always need to think about what you need to have in order to start a new job.

Careers in nursing for example need specialist shoes, the likes of which you can find at ShoeFinale. While this isn’t as extreme as starting up a business and renting out an office to work in, it still shows that you need to research what equipment you need for a job before you think about applying for it to make sure that you can afford the startup costs!

Do I Have The Qualifications?

This is often the most limiting factor in getting a new job, if you’re qualified for it or not. Regardless of your experience and productivity, some employers will not consider you unless you have a certain level of qualification, meaning that you don’t get past the shortlisting stage and don;t get an interview.

It’s important to know what jobs you are and what jobs you aren’t qualified for, it prevents you wasting your time for something you won’t get shortlisted for which can save you a lot of anguish and upset. Websites like Snagajob allow you to avoid this by putting in your relevant qualifications and skills, and producing job results that you’re qualified for!

Not only does this take the hassle out of manually trying to find a job by putting it all in one place, it filters out the jobs that you’re not qualified for, ensuring that all the jobs you can see on your screen, you can get!

Can I Get There?

This is another big problem with jobs; the commute. Commuting can be a massive problem, or not one at all, depending on where you live. There’s little point applying for a job that you cannot travel to because you’ll never be able to turn up!

This is another huge limiting factor that can be very problematic if you don’t take the necessary steps to research if you can actually make the journey to get to the new, possible place of employment.

It can be heartbreaking realizing that you cannot commute to your dream job, but we always have to be realistic. Services such as Google Maps allow you to see how far away your potential job is, enabling you to see whether or not it is within a commutable distance, determining whether or not you should apply for it.

If you follow these tips when hunting for a new job, you cannot go wrong! Make everything as easy and stress-free as possible, because who wants to have a stressful job hunt?

For first time job hunters the prospect of trying to decide what job to have is even more daunting than people who have had multiple jobs, if that sounds like you then read this article for some much-needed help!

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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