4 Jobs You Can Get In The Industrial Sector

The industrial sector is often referred to as the industrial goods sector. It covers everything to do with producing goods used in manufacturing and construction. Think about massive factories with loads of machinery making products.


It’s a massive sector, which is why it presents lots of job opportunities. There’s a little something for everyone, people of all skill sets. Let’s take a look at some of the jobs you could get in this career field:

Mechanical Engineer
Every business in the industrial sector will use a range of power equipment and machinery. As a result, they’re going to need maintenance. This is where a mechanical engineer comes in. They can provide assistance and repair or design equipment. Your day-to-day work will vary greatly. One day you could be doing something simple like fitting hydraulic jack seals to power equipment. The next, you could be putting together a machine that helps build an aeroplane. There’s so much a mechanical engineer can do, and, it’s a career that pays very well.

Skilled Labor Worker
In the industrial sector, there are plenty of labor jobs on offer. Some of which are unskilled, but a lot are skilled. A skilled labor job could include manning the machinery/equipment. You may find yourself driving a forklift truck and transporting goods all over the workplace. Or, you could be in charge of using a certain machine to help produce something. These are jobs that require a great deal of skill, but a lot of hard work too. You usually end up working long hours and doing lots of physical work. But, it can pay very generously, particularly if you work long shifts.

Management Opportunities
The industrial world is rife with management opportunities for various people. There are different levels of management that you could find yourself in. At the very top, you could be the manager of an entire manufacturing company. Dictating how things are made, and making sure your entire workforce is in order. Or, you could be further down and be the manager of a labor workforce. You’ll work closely with the labor workers and be in charge of making sure they perform to a high standard.

Graphic Designer
Believe it or not but this sector is very popular for graphic designers. Industrial businesses are always looking for someone to help brand their business. They need a good logo, something that people will notice and will pay attention too. Also, they may need a graphic designer to create prototype drawings of products they have to create. There are many job opportunities for a graphic designer, varying in importance and difficulty.

As you can see, the job opportunities in the industrial sector are very diverse. And, you have to remember that these are just four of the many job types available. If you’re looking for work and are struggling to find any jobs, take a look in this sector. I can almost guarantee that you’ll find something that suits your skill set. Also, it’s a great sector to get into because there’s room for promotions and making your way up the career ladder.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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