5 Jobs You Should Consider Changing Career For

If your current job has got a bit stale and you’re looking for a change in career, deciding where to go or what to do can be tough. There are many different approaches to finding a new job but here are five that we think are worth considering changing career for.

lab girl

Technical Writer
All you need to be a technical writer is a bachelor’s degree in an arts or humanities-based subject. Plus, a keen interest and understanding of a particular topic and great literary skills. If you’re bored rigid in your current role elsewhere, then becoming a technical writer could be suited for you. If you’ve gained experience in journalism in the past, then this can be a more relaxed environment. Typical 9-5 hours make the role much more appealing.

A law career can be very fulfilling. Entering at the bottom end as a paralegal is a great way to start. Technically, you don’t need any qualifications as such but you will need bountiful amounts of work experience. Being a paralegal will enable you to work on a number of interesting court cases. The one drawback is that you are almost always working for somebody else all of the time. If this doesn’t suit you, maybe look elsewhere. However, if the law excites you and you’re bored of your current position, consider swapping careers.

Science and technology roles can earn you some serious money. Jobs in science can be very rewarding. Although, you will need some serious qualifications to get a role in this sector. It may require going back into education, but the rewards can most definitely be worth it. Medical degrees can be lengthy and arduous, but for many the outcome is incredibly satisfying. Maybe you are somebody who cares for the wellbeing of others and doesn’t feel like they are making a difference in your current job. If so, then a role in science could be for you. Consider swapping careers!

Web Developer
You don’t need a computer science degree to switch careers into tech. You simply need to know what you’re doing. Computer skills can be vital to any type of organization, so you’ll never be short of job opportunities. There is a scarcity of truly excellent and highly skilled web developers in the industry. So, if you think you can find a place in the market for you, it’s advisable to go for it. They’re very handsomely rewarded for their services.

Social Media Manager
Social media managers have only been doing their job for a few years.  So, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be beaten to a role based on somebody having substantially more experience than you. The likelihood is that you are familiar with social media already and use it each and every day. The role is all about seeing the potential in the platform to successfully market products and raise brand awareness. If you understand this, then it may be the role that you consider changing career for. It’s an incredibly exciting and growing industry

These five roles are perfect for providing you with an exciting and rewarding career change. Don’t spend your life doing a job that you hate, consider branching out and trying something new! Swapping out your dull, current job for any of these alternatives is bound to increase your happiness and solve that dilemma of what to do for a living.

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