Top Work-related Resolutions for 2014: Get money, get a new job

A little behind on this one, but everyone loves a good list, so here goes—what are the top job-related resolutions for 2014? Getting a raise had the highest response (32 percent) in a survey done by job site in the fourth quarter of 2013.

What's on your work-related resolution list this year?

What’s on your work-related resolution list this year?

Little surprise in that, given how few raises most companies have given out in recent years. Employers like to act like we’re still mired in recession when it comes to talking about raise. In this environment, the only sure way to get a raise is to change jobs, which is what I did as 2013 ended (changed jobs for a higher salary, oh yeah, more reason to read my book so you can do the same).

Changing jobs was second on the resolutions list (22 percent), followed by developing leadership skills (20 percent) which tied with take or use all the vacation days they have earned. Another sad commentary of the workplace today is that many people are afraid to take their vacation each year for fear of falling behind at work or not seeming like the workaholics their bosses demand.

What’s your work resolution this year?


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