How to Determine if an Internship is Worth Your Time

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When you are looking for a job, time is money.  You can’t afford to invest much time into something unless it is going to bring you results.  Internships have the potential to significantly help you secure a job.  However, there is always a risk that you can put in all that time, and still end up with nothing.  So how can you tell if an internship is going to be worth the investment?

Here are some guidelines to help you make that assessment:

1.  Have a goal, and a clear idea of how this internship will help you reach that goal.  If you know exactly what you are trying to achieve with your internship, you will be more likely to make use of the opportunities that come your way.

2.  Evaluate the learning opportunities.  This includes training sessions, and also the experience that you will get at the…

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