Job Opening: Social Media and Public Relations Manager, Sheboygan Falls, Wis.

This opening at Jonhsville Sausage came to me through a LinkedIn group of Marquette University alumni I belong to. The more LinkedIn groups you can join, the better. Some of the details are posted below, click here for the listing.

Job Overview
The primary focus of this role is to work with members of the Marketing team and agency partners to define, plan and execute long-term social engagement and PR initiatives, including day-to-day execution.


Job Description

Develop and manage Social Media programs and channels to support brand strategies.
Manage and execute the integration of new media channels to existing marketing plans to actively engage consumers and cultivate brand loyalty.
Develop and manage social media communication strategies, content and execution.
Work with cross-functional teams to ensure timely and effective execution of creative, powerful social media tactics to support marketing activities and brand awareness.
Manage, spark and motivate Johnsonville’s online communities and social media conversations.
Monitor conversations within Twitter, Facebook and other online social communities; develop useful insights; and plan and execute appropriate follow-up to leverage material and realize brand benefits.
Develop social media engagement metrics that provide a clear sense of value for social initiatives and drive towards defining ROI.
Create public relations programs (earned media) at Johnsonville to grow the cooking brand and leverage the grilling equity.
Re-evaluate the most effective public relations tactics, with the changing media landscape in mind.
Conduct traditional media outreach, generating positive coverage about the company, its products and its marketing efforts in relevant news outlets.
Develop and implement all marketing messaging in the online realm, including, blogs, consumer response, Facebook, the Johnsonville Enthusiast Club and other online Johnsonville communities, as well as traditional public relations channels such as print and broadcast news stations.
Foster and ignite peer-to-peer dialogue among consumers regarding the Johnsonville brand, through the Johnsonville Facebook and Johnsonville Kitchens Facebook pages, as well as other social media avenues.
Develop and maintain a communication and messaging editorial calendar to create consistency in messaging in both the written word and supporting visuals, successfully tying in all marketing initiatives.
Generate positive media coverage in outlets throughout the country regarding key marketing efforts, Johnsonville products and key partnerships, including spokespersons and charitable events.
Nurture and grow positive and ongoing relationships with 25-30 influential bloggers who will post positive information about the company and its products 5-6 times per year.
Encourage shared understanding of key programs, initiatives and efforts across Johnsonville product lines through increased communication, shared learning and visibility to all efforts.
Develop and manage marketing communications calendar, working to ensure integrated communications across channels and products.
Identify opportunities to leverage and extend messaging and programming via additional communications/marketing channels.
Develop and manage a cohesive editorial calendar for Johnsonville’s consumer communications through all marketing channels, including public relations.

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