Job Search: Going Into Financial Hibernation

One of the things that many job searchers talk about is the stress of looking for a job. You put in multiple applications a week and even though you resume matches all the criteria noted in the job description of an ad, you don’t get a callback.

For whatever reason, you tend to blame yourself and start to think that maybe you’re not good enough. But then, you bounce back and get back on the horse with a new level of confidence. It’s a bit soul destroying when you’re out of a job and you’re living a life during the day that would be something of the weekend. You’re walking around, doing things just trying to stay active and not become a couch potato.

However, one of the things that is rarely mentioned is, why don’t you change your financial lifestyle in the meantime? Since there is no money coming in and only going out, it’s only prudent to go into financial hibernation. Saving anywhere and everywhere you can will go to keep your finances in check and not drift into debt so easily.

Take care of work clothes

You’re not working and your work clothes are simply lying around. Depression can set in so much that you refuse to even wash your clothes until you get a job interview. It’s a kind of rebellious attitude that you will not sit idly by waiting for a call all dressed up nice. It’s a bit degrading and desperate in the mind of someone who is angry they haven’t been hired for jobs they know they could do well.

However, you should take good care of your professional attire because wrinkled, and tattered shirts and suits will cost more to repair than they’re worth sometimes. Potential employers will also take note that you look sharp and well presented and they’ll also spot you wearing a faded old shirt and jacket too.

Everyday savings

Perhaps the biggest change that will occur is how much you’re spending on your food each week. It’s something that cannot be avoided so it’s not like saving money from your bills by not keeping the lights on or running the water while not using it. So something like an app that gives you all the discounts needed for your weekly grocery shop is going to be very handy. Read through this Ibotta review and see how it could help your household maintain a threshold of spending when it comes to the food bill. There are various 5% and 10% off deals from stores like Walmart and Amazon which can be used to your advantage.

Staying put

Going to interviews over and over will rack up a bill for your travels. Train tickets and paying for gas will mount up and up and when you have no success from the interview this is money down the drain. Cancel any holiday plans you have until you have a job, stay put and don’t go to any kind of leisurely events that cost such as theme parks and carnivals.

While you’re out of job, something that will raise your spirits is knowing you’re saving money. Minimizing the amount of outgoing funds will stop your balance from going under and causing more problems so save wherever you can.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links


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