How Do I Stay Focused During a Job Hunt?

Job hunting is a battle and it can take its toll on you emotionally and physically. So you need coping mechanisms and approaches to stay fresh for each and every job interview you receive.

Always Be Job Hunting is constantly scanning the world to find you tools you need for the job hunt battle. We recently came across some good advice in the Jerusalem Post, or example.

Exercise can be an important part of the job-hunting process. Stay fit and sharp for that next interview.

Entitled “Work in Progress: Staying Fresh,” it suggests doing freelance projects and volunteer work to stay sharp skills-wise. It also reviews the importance of exercise so that when you do go on interviews, you are in shape and full of energy for the challenges ahead.

Finding volunteer work in your field and freelance projects in this tight economy should not be a problem, use your networking contacts, watch job boards and interest groups on LinkedIn and elsewhere.
John N. Frank

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