6 Careers That Help People And Pay Well

On average, people tend to spend around 90,00 hours of their life at work, which works out to be around 3,750 days, or just over ten years. Of course, you do need money to survive, which is why people do work so much, but this is an awful lot of time to spend working if you don’t feel completely fulfilled in your job.

If you have a big heart and love to give back to others, it’s likely that volunteering has crossed your mind in the past. But as already mentioned, you need cash, and because of all the hours you are working, you may not necessarily have the time to do any volunteer work.

This article will help you hit two birds with one stone, and provide you will a list of jobs that not only help others, but pay well too.


Doctors save lives every single day, through diagnosing illnesses, performing operations, and prescribing drugs. Doctors work long shifts and have to be on-call during most, if not all, holiday, but are paid well for the amazing work they do.


Psychologists are much like doctors, but deal with mental illnesses, rather than physical ones. They help to diagnose any mental illness a person may have, and plan out a course of treatment for that illness, whether it be in the form of drugs, behavioral therapy, or cognitive therapy.


A lawyer is a person that practices law, and tend to represent and defend people in a courtroom setting. There are many different types of lawyers, which all focus on a key area of law. Workers comp lawyers, for example, represent people who have been injured in their workplace and want to claim compensation.


Teachers educate their pupils around a curriculum, often set by the government. Teachers can educate people aged from 4 (sometimes even less) to people well into their sixties or even older. The desire and necessity for new knowledge will never cease, so there will always be a need for teachers.

Probation Officer

When someone has been in prison for committing a crime, they are assigned a probation officer when they are released. This probation officer helps to supervise and guide released prisoners and ensures they stick to the terms of their probation so that they can stay out of prison and live law-abiding lives.


Veterinarians treat animals, much like doctors treat humans. They too have to diagnose any illnesses and treat them in the way that they see fit. The job of the veterinarian can be incredibly tough, however.

Not only do you need to understand and know how to treat the bodies of many different species, rather than just humans, it’s also your job to decide whether or not an animal should be put to sleep.

These are just a few examples of jobs that not only help people but pay well too. These jobs all require a lot of education and training, but if you are determined that one of them is the job for you, and you stick at it, you have just as much a chance as anyone at achieving your dream career.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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