Plenty More Fish In The Jobs Sea, Know Where To Find Them

There are few worse feelings when looking for a job than the impression you have exhausted your options. You’ve applied for everything in sight and you still can’t find your fit. But is it really true that you don’t have any more avenues left to check? Probably not.

Here are a few more options that can give you plenty more opportunities to find and land a job. You just have to be willing to go outside the norm and be more flexible in how you build your career.

Build a better you

There is always something to be said for boosting your job prospects by improving your viability as an employee. Regardless of whether you’re in work or not, finding your upward momentum, improving your skillset, and even going into further education to give yourself new qualifications will drastically improve your chances of landing a job or even getting attention from other employers.

There’s also the fact that many places of education offer job fairs that could put you in touch with employers that you might not otherwise think to contact. Even if you don’t have the time or budget to enrol in classes you have to physically attend, online learning is become a more viable tool every day for building your marketable skills.

Become a known quantity

Those with the best career plans don’t just pounce on opportunities when they come to them. They also create their own opportunities. One of the best ways of doing that is by becoming known to employers and having a personal brand and reputation that brings job offers to them. There are plenty of ways to build that personal brand, too.

You can become known as an expert in your field, for instance, by creating a blog that constantly sharing valuable informative content. Regardless of what expertise you do or do not share, you should look at job networking opportunities and industry get-togethers.

It’s your best chance to meet many of your potential employers face-to-face. Make a good impression in conversation and show a little insight and you have a much better chance of getting scouted.

Go past the listings

You can also create your own opportunities by stepping out and grabbing them. Listings can be a great way to understand the roles needed in the market right now, but it’s also likely to put you up against more competition.

Even if you’re a better hire, you have a smaller chance of being selected. When you take the time to approach employers directly and find the jobs that aren’t being listed, you’re competing against a smaller number of people. The same can be said for using employment agencies who often have exclusive access to certain positions.

Taking a more direct approach is also impressive to employers, serving as proof of your initiative.

Make a career out of a gig

You don’t necessarily have to take the most direct route into a career-making job, either.

Sometimes, easing your way in and making some permanent out of a temporary arrangement can work just as well. Temping can lead to a long-term role if you manage to prove your essential part in the team. Unpaid internships require more sacrifice but provide that same opportunity. Or you might even consider starting to freelance your skills, building your way up to a permanent self-employed role or getting contracted by a steadier long-term work provider.

Going down that route is less of a job search and more of a start of a business, however. Nowadays, there are a greater amount of temporary and freelance positions that are creating the “gig economy”. Deciding to make it work for you can open many more potential opportunities.

The big, big move

A lot of people balk at the idea of moving away from the people they know and the life they have.

However, often it opens up positions in the industry that might be much more crowded and competitive where you are. Working overseas, particularly by looking for countries where there are shortages in the skills you have to provide, can make finding a job significantly easier.

Of course, finding a place to live near your new place of work and making the move itself can be a hassle. But there are plenty of online guides from expats in just about every company and international removals companies that can make it a lot easier.

All markets are becoming further connected thanks to the international aspect of modern business. It doesn’t just benefit companies looking to expand, but those looking for work, as well.

There are always ways to better scout a job, to better your prospects of an employer, and to find the career that’s truly right for you. Being proactive, above all else, will show employers that you’re serious about what you do, instantly giving you’re an advantage.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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