What are five college majors to avoid?

Articles on majors to avoid, usually because of a lack of job prospects for majors in those degrees, pop up quite frequently. I doubt they convince many people to drop majors they love, but they can prepare you for what you’ll face in the job world. So here’s a list of five majors to avoid that appeared n Yahoo! Education recently.

Here are five to think long and hard about along with five with brighter prospective

Studying for a degree? Here are five to think long and hard about along with five with brighter prospective

The degrees are:

  1. Architecture
  2. Anthropology
  3. The arts
  4. Philosophy
  5. Religious studies

Architecture surprised me in the number one spot since architects have a creative image that also conveys they make a lot of money. That’s likely only true for those at the top of the profession, though. Blame its poor ranking on a lack of building going on across the country right now in our post-recession slow economy.

Degrees like anthropology, the arts and philosophy have been on bad degree lists for as long as I can remember. Go into those knowing jobs are scarce and low-paying, unless of course you can manage to become the most in-demand artist in North America.

Religious studies also surprised me because that seems a degree people study for something other than a job. “The future of  religious studies student can be a bit dim upon graduation,” states the article which is reviewing results of a study done by the Georgetown University Center for Education and the Workforce.

Also presented are degrees with better job prospects. Tops there is healthcare administration, followed by education, business, communications and computer science.

John N. Frank

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