Serious about your job search? Don’t take December off!

  • Couldn’t agree more, Always Be Job Hunting, even in December.
  • Ferndale Michigan Works

    Conventional job-seeking wisdom says that everyone takes the month of December off, so there’s not much point in looking for a job then. A recent article by HR pro John Sullivan lists 20 reasons why top-notch recruiters don’t take December off.

    Well, job seekers – here are 20 reasons to stay on track with your job search during the holidays:

    1. What better gift to give….than a being a great candidate. You’re not intruding on employers, you’re helping them find a great new employee that will support the business and help it grow.
    2. Recruiters may have more free time. If a company has downshifted for the holiday season, all the regular projects, standing meetings, and other parts of a recruiter’s workload may have downshifted as well. This frees up more time for looking at YOUR resume, taking calls, and scheduling initial interviews.
    3. If you’re currently employed but looking to make a…

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