When Will “Always Be Job Hunting” Be Available to Buy?

Thanks so much to everyone who has started reading this new blog.

Several of you have asked me where you can buy Always Be Job Hunting, my survival guide for anyone in a career, trying to preserve a career, or starting a career.

The book isn’t printed as yet. I’m publishing it through Amazon, aiming for an April publication date to coincide with spring job-hunting season for new high school and college grads.

A sample of my many busienss cards over the years.

The manuscript has been through a thorough editing by a professional journalist/editor. I’m making final changes now before we go to press. I still need to work on a design for the pages and the cover.

Once it’s done, I’ll have a link here to give my blog visitors a special price on the book. I’m also planning an eBook version through Amazon, so if you have a Kindle, you will be able to read it there as well.

In the meantime, this blog will continue to run excerpts from the book, as well as posts about jobs and careers, so keep visiting and reading. Thanks again.

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