How Hard is It to Change Careers, or Jobs, After 50?

The Chicago Tribune recently had an eye-opening article about the difficulties of changing careers after you hit age 50, and about the increasing necessity to do so given today’s difficult labor market

I’m in the process of changing careers as I near 60, so reading the article really hit home for me. I’m making the change on my own, rather than being forced to after losing a job as were some of the people written about in that article. But it’s still tough.

I just finished my first week in the new job, and the new field, and I feel like I did when I first started high school so many years ago. Very little that I know matters at this point, it’s all about learning.

Luckily, I love to learn, so I’m concentrating like I haven’t done at a job in a long time.  Change is constant, especially in today’s job market. Keep reading excerpts from my upcoming book, Always Be Job Hunting, to learn how to embrace change and anticipate it so you can stay one step ahead of the unemployment reaper.


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