3 Interview Tips For Digital Marketing Positions

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing industries out there and there are so many great opportunities to be had. In recent years there was a bit of a shortage of people who were properly trained in digital marketing but that’s changed a lot.

More people are qualified than ever which means that you’re going to come up against a lot of competition when you’re trying to land those positions. Getting some good experience and writing a great resume is the first step. If you do that right then you’ll get an interview.

The other candidates are likely to be just as qualified, if not more so, than you. That’s why it’s absolutely vital that you nail that interview. To help you along, here are some great tips on interviewing for digital marketing positions.

Show Depth Of Knowledge

While there are a lot of very experienced people out there, digital marketing also attracts a lot of candidates that think it’s a fairly easy career that just consists of making a few posts on social media and setting up a website.

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You need to set yourself apart from the rest by showing real, in-depth knowledge of digital marketing. Every candidate is going to sit down and talk about creating good content and driving traffic to the website.

You need to prove that you know your stuff by talking about things like SEO algorithms, duplicate content and optimum timing for social media posts. It’s also important that you understand that digital marketing follows all of the same rules as standard marketing and you show this in your interview.

Don’t just tell them how many likes you can get on a Facebook post, give them a breakdown of a cross-platform marketing strategy and how the digital aspects tie in with all of the other marketing efforts that the company are making.

Sort Your Social Media

You can easily fail the interview before you’ve even set foot in the building. These are digital marketing executives so they’re definitely going to check your social media accounts before they meet with you.

If they’re having a hard time deciding between candidates, that photo of you doing shots with your friends on a Wednesday night could be the difference between success and failure. Set your profile to private and make sure to take down anything that looks unprofessional.

Talk About Yourself

When the interviewer asks about you personally, most people tend to talk about their career aspirations etc. That’s fine but one of the defining things about digital marketing is the level of personality that it brings, and the companies that inject a bit of themselves into their campaigns are the most successful ones.

The interviewer wants to hear about you as a person so tell them about your life outside of work rather than a rehearsed answer about your work history. They already know about your experience, that’s not what they’re asking for when they ask you to talk about yourself.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll land a great digital marketing position in no time.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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