Marketable Skills: Experience You’ll Need For A Marketing Career

Marketing is a fantastic career to consider. Every business needs marketing, so those with relevant skills are in high demand. It involves using creative skills for improving a company’s profits. New and innovative methods are always coming along, so it’s a job that won’t get boring.

If you’re considering getting into marketing, then having experience is essential. Obtaining a degree in a related subject can help a lot with job

But it’s your practical skills that will see you get the roles you want. Here are some of the ways you can get experience for working in marketing.

Take Training Courses

There are training courses out there for many marketing skills. Learning some of the most relevant business marketing methods can make you stand out to employers. Learning is important for developing your career, so pick up some of these skills.

There are many training courses on offer. Some allow you to learn everything online. Others will see you attending workshops and seminars to learn the craft. For instance, you might want to attend an SEO training course like this

You can get relevant training from experts without having to go through years of education. You could even do multiple courses to pick up various skills.

Start Creating Content

Content creation is becoming a huge part of business marketing. Companies hire individuals to make enticing images, articles, and videos for marketing purposes. Learning how to create different kinds of content will help you in this field.

It’s best to start off with a blog. You can easily create a blog with a service such as You might want to write personal blogs. You could also apply your writing skills to certain business fields or topics. Learning how to research topics and create interesting articles will give you a good portfolio.

Branch out beyond text content. Many businesses want people to create video content nowadays. You could also get into interviewing and sound editing to create podcasts. You could also learn to create eBooks with software such as Adobe InDesign. Having these skills will make you more prepared for working in marketing.

Use Social Media

Social media is becoming another vital tool in business marketing. Every business now operates multiple social channels. You’ll want to show employers you’re capable of using various social media sites for marketing purposes.

Having a large following on your personal channels can stand out to employers. But you may also want to use social media to promote the content you create. If you’re lucky, someone looking for a social media marketer may come across your posts and take an interest.

Learn The Latest Software

Marketers use all kinds of web software and apps these days. Learn all about tools you can use for content creation, analytics, and general marketing. List every piece of software you’re experienced with on your CV.

Employers are particularly interested in people who can use HootSuite, MailChimp, and CMS systems. But there are plenty of other programs which can come in handy. Learn as much about popular business marketing software as you can. The more you know, the better.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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